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Black spiral wrap band is UV stabilised
Also known as Spiroband Tubing
Made from PE (Polyethelene) material
Light duty construction, durable and reusable
Use this product to bundle harnesses, protect wires, hoses, etc
Codes below show the OUTER diameter so check the listings
Supplied in plastic bags, 10 meters long unless marked
Spiral wrap can stretch to much larger diameters, check individual listings


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SW03BSpiral Wrap 3mm, 10 Meter Length, 1.5mm ~ 10mmSpiral Wrap
SW06BSpiral Wrap 6mm, 10 Meter Length, 4mm ~ 25mmSpiral Wrap
SW08BSpiral Wrap 8mm, 10 Meter Length, 6mm ~ 30mmSpiral Wrap
SW08B-50Spiral Wrap 8mm, 50 Meter Length, 6mm ~ 30mmSpiral Wrap
SW10BSpiral Wrap 10mm, 10 Meter Length, 7.5mm ~ 30mmSpiral Wrap
SW12BSpiral Wrap 12mm, 10 Meter Length, 9mm ~ 32mmSpiral Wrap
SW12B-25Spiral Wrap 12mm, 25 Meter Length, 9mm ~ 32mmSpiral Wrap
SW24BSpiral Wrap 24mm, 10 Meter Length, 20mm ~ 100mmSpiral Wrap
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